Ethnic Student Association

Story by Victoria Clack

The Ethnic Student Association (ESA) at Whatcom Community College is a place for people of all backgrounds to come together in order to celebrate diversity and talk about issues, said Samantha Williams the clubs Vice President.

Williams said that ESA was “a way for students to relax and kind of support each other.” They are always looking for new members, she said, because “the more people we have the more fun it is.”

When Williams first came to Whatcom, she said, ESA was probably the most helpful club to her. Everyone was really welcoming, she said, and it opened up a lot of opportunities for her. She was able to relate with other students in ESA and the club even helped her to get a job through her connections with other students.

To Williams ESA is “a lot of friends who have turned into family,” she said.

ESA is associated with many different upcoming events that focus on diversity and higher learning. Williams said that they are working on connecting with Western Washington Universities Ethnic Student Center to plan future events.

They also participated in the transfer night at Phi Theta Cappa which focused on encouraging students of diverse backgrounds to continue their education at a university.

ESA members are planning on walking in the Ski to Sea parade as well, said Williams. This is to help raise awareness about their organization and their cause.

The club also plans to hold an event where they bring students from Shuksan Middle School to Whatcom, said Williams. Here they will engage in activities to encourage the middle school students to continue their education on to community college or university.

ESA meets every Tuesday from 4-5:30 p.m. in Syre 216. They discuss upcoming plans and events, and talk about diversity issues.

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