International Night

bagpiperStory by Ryan Morgan and Photos by Andrew Edwards


Whatcom Community College’s International Night was a multi-faceted display of culture and excitement as students and community members filled the Syre Auditorium Thursday, Feb. 21 to watch performances ranging from belly dancing to country music and even a Tai-Chi sword demonstration.

It was a lively atmosphere in a full auditorium. Tables filled the front of the room and as the rows of seating filled up, the rest of the audience pressed up against the walls to watch the show. Cameras flashed and much chatter filled the air throughout the night. The hallways echoed with the nervous laughter of awaiting performers.

cropped dancer

International Night was just one part of a week dedicated to international cultures. The other events included poetry reading, political discussions, and shared insights into teaching abroad.


International Night was specifically devoted to exotic performances representing cultures from around the world. Food was provided, and students had the chance to make origami on the upper balcony of the auditorium.


The auditorium rang with echoes throughout the evening, whether it was tiny cymbals being clapped together in the hands of East Indian dancers as they spun and jumped, or cello strings being plucked by the hands of another performer.


Along with Whatcom students, Bellingham community members also came to play. Joe Young and Laura Overstreet, a local country duo, serenaded the crowd with ballads, and kicked up their heels with some dance tunes.


The performers slowed down for raffle drawings at about 9:15 p.m. Prizes given out included tickets to Mt. Baker Theatre, and a river rafting trip, which were both won by the same woman. There was also a San Juan adventure cruise, and other smaller prizes such as gift certificates.

chinese dancer

The night came to a close with a fashion show of traditional male and female attire from India, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Japan, Pakistan, and many other countries.

fashion line up





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  1. “Prizes given out included tickets to Mt. Baker Theatre, and a river rafting trip, which were both won by the same woman.” Which woman? Why is this relevant if you don’t have a name and quote for this source?

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