Communication Club: One part of the bigger picture

DSC_0003by Derek Langhorn


The Communication Club is for some is a place for improvisation, travel and improving resumes.  The club’s mission is to be a place for everyone to build their communication skills and learn to be leaders in their communities and their own lives.

The club consists of multiple branches including Sigma Chi Eta,   and WOFL (Whatcom Oration and Forensics League). Guy Smith,  the advisor of the Communication Club said that the Communication Club is not just for prospective communications majors. It is for anyone looking to socialize, be a part of a self-sufficient group or to be involved with charitable events.

He also added that it is for anyone looking to improve their resumes or to become more comfortable speaking in front of people.

WOFL was once the debate club on campus, but has since turned into more of a speaking and improvisational club, for anyone to join, said Smith. He said that to most involved, it is “the speaking club.”

Sigma Chi Eta is a part of the National Communication Honors Society, and to be involved a student must have at least a 3.0 cumulative GPA, have taken three communication or journalism classes at Whatcom Community College and have at least a 3.25 GPA in those classes.

The club is involved in the community, recently participating in Thank a First Responder Day, a day dedicated to the appreciation and respect of firefighters and policemen. The club got involved by going to Station 6 of the Bellingham Fire Dept. on Nov. 30,  and thanking them for their service.

Communication Club was also involved with the American Red Cross’ Holiday Mail for Heroes, where the club sent holiday-themed mail to the US Armed Forces.

Smith believes that being involved with charitable events gives students “an appreciation for what you have.” He also said it makes the students feel as though they are “one part of the bigger picture.”

The club is also involved in school events, providing concessions for volleyball and basketball games at Whatcom.

Smith said his main mission for the students involved is to “help build their resumes.” He added, “along the way you will learn something. Period.”

The members attend conferences around the country. Recently, they went to the Northwest Communication Association Communication Conference in Couer d’ Alene, Idaho, where they presented essays that they had written.

Smith is a long-time teacher of nine years, and said his reason for advising the Communication Club is that “students have things that they want to achieve,” and asked, “how can I cut a path for them to achieve it?”

“We have to be able to effectively communicate. Being social creatures, we must be able to effectively communicate whether it is face to face, or computer-mediated,” Smith said.

“When you define culture, communication is always there,” said Smith. “We are reliant on other people. If you cannot effectively communicate, you are diminishing your opportunities.”

The money that the Communication Club uses to go to conferences comes largely from their own fundraising, Smith said.  Students become self-sufficient by raising their own funds, and they learn communication based skills which may help them in their daily lives, Smith said.

The Communication Club starts out in the fall by writing papers, in winter they edit these papers, and in the spring they go to conferences around the country to present their essays.

“The important thing for students is to get involved,” Smith said.

Smith says being involved with the Communication Club gives students opportunities to travel around the country, work on their communication skills, work with charitable events and build their resumes, and Smith also said that it is a club to just have fun.

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