Letter from the editor

By Cutter Kilgore

I’m fond of games, films and fantasy football. But I’d like to formally disassociate myself from an enthusiastically vocal minority that represents these interests on the Internet. Some people are just ruining the fun.

There’s an alarming and nasty trend of often violent and vehement aggression that fills online message boards and devolves polite conversation into awkward, pointless attacks. I’d love to see it end, but as far as I can tell, the issue has plateaued and remains stagnant.

Who’s a fan of which team? Who thinks that your opinion about the movie you liked is “retarded”? They’re out there, and I’m sure they’ll let you know.

It’s almost impossible to share an opinion online without being accosted for it. What’s worse is when the Twitter accounts of people such as sports stars and film personnel are flooded with arrogant, ignorant rage over ultimately trivial matters.

What’s the matter? Did Trent Richardson have a bad game that collapsed your fantasy week? Upset that a film critic disliked your favorite summer flick? Well, by all means, threaten violence and spew hateful filth directed at the person who’s making your life miserable. #Sarcasm

I’m embarrassed to share the same interests as some of the people who mar the reputation of these online communities.

This reaches a further frustration with me: anonymity. If there’s something to be said, it should be said in the open. Own it. Defend it. Or else maybe it doesn’t deserve to be heard or seen.

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