Council Notes

-The Sustainability Club requested $245.71 to buy stainless steel water bottles for their Orca Day activity, which will be a ring toss. The motion passed.

-The library requested $500 to purchase new DVD’s for their film collection. The library pledged to match any funds the student council puts up, for a total of $1000 for new DVD’s. The motion passed, with 5 voting opposing.

-The Bike Club requested $245.99 for promotion of their events, in particular the upcoming Bike Sale. The money would go towards a banner and t-shirts. The motion passed, with 2 abstaining.

-A request was made for $250, to fund Whatcom Community College’s participation in the Ski-to-Sea parade. Among the possible ideas are inflatable orca whales that each participating club could decorate. The motion passed.

*-Phi Theta Kappa gave its club report, revealing some of the events it has planned. Among them is a food drive, and volunteering for the Ski-to-Sea race. They also plan to walk in the Ski-to-Sea parade.

*-A request was made for $3000 to fund Orca Day, the annual, end-of-year celebration, to be held on June 6. The money would come from the unclaimed stipend money, of which there is more than expected. The motion passed unanimously.

-Stephanie Young was elected as Student Council president for the 2012-2013 school year. She was previously the Council Secretary and Chair of the Administration Committee. Also in the running for the position were Charles Pope and Troi Gale.

*-John Laigaie was reelected as Vice-President of the student council, and will be returning to his post for the 2012-2013 school year. The other council members in the running for the position were Charles Pope, Troi Gale and Patrick Gregory.

*-The attendees of the Students of Color Conference last quarter have been coming up with ideas for Whatcom based on what they learned. One idea, they said, was to start offering ethnic studies courses.

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