Council Notes–April 12 & 19, 2012

Civics Week– Money Request of $120.00 for prizes for civics week. Funds would come from Special Projects budget. Motion passed 17-0.

Writing Conference– Money request of $447.00 for the writing center to attend the Chuckanut Writing Conference. The conference will cover all sorts of writing, as well as how best improve one’s own writing. Motion Passed 13-0 with one abstaining.

Council T-shirts- Money request of $472.85 for Student Council t-shirts, from Pro-Stock Athletic Supply. The shirts would feature a design by two members of student council. Motion passed 14-1.

New Sound system- Bids are currently being taken on a new sound system for the Pavilion. Three bids are in and are currently under discussion.

Pavilion Expansion– Nate Langstraat, Interim VP for Administrative Services, gave a presentation, saying that given the colleges current financial position, they would be unable to directly finance the expansion project. He suggested the alternative would be to borrow $11 million dollars from the state and pay it back over the course of 20 years.  There will be further discussion about how to fund the project, possibly by adding on around 6 or 7 dollars per credit onto tuition. 

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