Council Notes

-Art Club Withdraws Funding Request

            The art club withdrew its request for money for a food co-op art show, citing the need to reform and remake the club, as well as wanting to do things on campus first.

-Expanding The Pavilion: Yea or Nay?

             A money request was made for $100.00 the pavilion expansion project student survey. The money was to purchase candy, to be handed out to those who take the survey. The motion passed.

-The Best Defense…

            The IT Pros of Tomorrow requested $899.00 for the National Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. The competition will feature teams from all over the state competing to hack a server which another team will be defending. The motion passed.

New Sandwich boards for clubs

            $1095.00 in funds was requested, in order to order a grand total of 6 new sandwich boards for club promotion purposes. After considering the less expensive alternatives, the council decided on the most durable and reliable sandwich boards, hoping to save money in the long run. The motion passed.

-New Socialist Club on Campus

            A new club was formally recognized. “Socialist Alternatives,” became the first political advocacy club on campus. They hope to hold rallies, debates, and general student outreach. They will request start-up funds at a later date.

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