Council Notes

Art Show– The art club requested $407.12 for an art show in the Cordata Food Co-op. The money will be used mainly for supplies. The motion was tabled, pending a vote. However, there were no representatives from the art club at the next meeting, so the motion was tabled again.

            Adding up– The math club requested $201.96 to attend the Western Washington Community College College Student Mathematics Conference. The conference boasts “exciting activities educational activities that fellow students are participating in both in and out of the field.”

            Japanese Club– The Japanese-American Conversation and Culture Club was formally recognized as an official club and given $100 in start-up money. Motion passed 19-0.

            Students of Color Conference– The money motion for $5298 was passed 17-0 with 2 abstaining. The conference will be a “safe space to discuss issues of race and ethnicity.”

            Pavilion Expansion Project– There will be a survey conducted all over campus, to determine what use would be made of an expanded pavilion. The survey will be from March 5-9.

            Voter Registration Drive– John Laigaie announced that they had registered 44 new people to vote. 

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