Math and Science Club Launches Contest

by Jake Siewert

Horizon Reporter

Though the Math and Science Club has only been active on Whatcom’s campus for three quarters, it is evident from their meetings that they are taking on problems of the mathematic and scientific world that once seemed impossible.

            For instance, Michael Sullivan, who has been president of the club since its inception brought the club the challenge of turning a sphere completely inside out, without creating a hole or a tear. A problem like this would keep many Whatcom Orcas up at night, but these dedicated students don’t fear the sphere. This problem is just a warm up for them.

            The Math and Science Club is proud to announce their plans for a catapult design competition to take place over the next few months, the first of its kind at Whatcom Community College.

A catapult is an ancient concept, but these students hope to put a modern twist on it.
            “We hope to make it a yearly thing,” said Michael Sullivan, who did not rule out letting students not involved in the club fire the catapults at a target for prizes after the competition.

            The club was divided into four teams by drawing names from a hat. Their catapults can be of any style they choose, but must be carried by one person on a team, and must not exceed 40 lbs. The frame must be built using light, cheap, non-metallic materials and must not exceed $50.

            After the rules were explained and the teams were assembled, some groups were already feeling confident. Jonathon Stone, the treasurer of the club and proud of “Team 3” was supremely confident that his team would at least do better than Sullivan’s.

            “John’s group will definitely be last,” joked Sullivan. 

            The completion deadline is currently March 16, so if you see any launching objects around the time of the “Ides of March” don’t worry. It’s not the sky falling; it’s the Math and Science Club taking to the skies.

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