Hong Kong Drug Abuse

by Winnie Chui

Drug abuse among teenagers has long been a serious issue in my home country, Hong Kong. However, I know that this isn’t just a local problem, but a global problem which we should care about.

It’s depressing to see how many youngsters are going astray and impairing their lives. This trend is caused by several reasons. First, drugs are handily available in this society nowadays. Since the price of drugs is lower than that in the past, teens may acquire them by only paying a penny.

In Hong Kong, these fatal drugs can be found in public places such as schools, bars and cinemas, where teenagers wander around nearly all day. Besides, students are confronting pressure from academic studies, peers and family. Taking drugs may assist them in evading reality and sadness. Being compared with their friends’ results, having brawls with parents and being bullied by evildoers put teenagers in a sorrowful circumstance. Those “sweets” probably can bring you temporary happiness, but just temporary.

Don’t think that everything will be back to normal once you quit taking drugs as they bring dreadful and long-term consequences even you have only taken an iota of them. Some abusers need to receive psychotherapy to remedy their problem. Is it really worth the consequences?

Life is full of happiness and sorrow, and indeed they are the lessons for us to learn throughout life. The beliefs we hold are essential keys to resist temptation, and we can always choose our beliefs. It is amazing that our brain will pay-out any beliefs that we choose. If we have thousands of beliefs about how people ought to behave, we will likely be flooded with negative emotions. If we have beliefs like “everything happens for the best” or “I accept reality no matter that,” then most likely we will find it easier to maintain a positive frame of mind.

There is always a glimmer of light even though one is surrounded by difficulties and challenges. Your choice is not only just a matter of yourself, but also people who love and care about you. I always believe that “one’s life can affect to others’ lives,” and a word or an encouragement may change one’s mind. Many wonderful things are waiting for you to explore.

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