Fall Concert: Music from across the globe

by Lauren Sigfusson

Horizon Reporter

The Collegiate Choir took stage, dressed in black attire, in Heiner Auditorium for the Whatcom Community College Fall Concert on Nov. 22.

Collegiate Choir performed seven songs, one with the Jazz Band, Jazz Band performed four songs and Librettos performed the one song “One Meat Ball.”

“They work hard, but cheerfully,” said Collegiate Choir director Carol Reed-Jones. The groups practiced all quarter, eight weeks, to gear up for the concert.

There was no theme for the concert, but songs were winter oriented, said Reed-Jones.  Songs of all nationalities were represented, from Nigerian carols to Bulgarian carols. “Diversity is really important,” she said. “We will always have a variety of world music.”

The concert is always free for the public and a concert takes place each quarter.

“I want people to get inspired to make music in their lives,” said Reed-Jones. “Music is such an innately human thing.”

If you enjoy singing, Collegiate Choir meets every quarter, Tuesday and Thursday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:20 p.m.

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