A Taste of D.C.

by Lauren Sigfusson

Horizon Reporter

Most know Washington D.C. is the capital of the U.S., or at least should. I recently went to D.C. to visit my friend Teresa Smith, a student at American University, and was lucky not only to see the oh-so-obvious attractions, but also experience the city.

Rich with history and a never-ending supply of things to do, D.C. is a place that every American should visit at least once in their lifetime. It’s empowering to set foot in the same buildings our forefathers did many years before.

Naturally, my first stop was the White House. Sturdy gates in the front lawn kept out chanting protestors going on about Iran’s nuclear weapons. I realized it looked rather small in person, but I felt an incredible feeling as I looked upon the 211-year-old structure.  I thought about the historical figures who have resided there and all that has occurred there throughout its existence; I was overwhelmed.

There are only so many things you can see in the amount of time that you visit. I could have spent hours in each museum or important place in the city, but I had to narrow down to what I desired most.

Throughout my visit I went to the National Monument, WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Abraham Lincoln Monument, the Smithsonian Museum, Arlington Cemetery, and the Capital Building. Each place brought about a different emotion, provoking thought about all those who have died for our country, making it what it is today. I will hold those feelings in my heart forever.

While in the Smithsonian I saw an item that is near and dear to my heart — Dorothy’s ruby red slippers from “The Wizard of Oz.” I was in awe actually seeing those in person, comparing my foot size to hers.  Sadly, my feet were smaller.

D.C. is a place that everyone should visit. Every person’s experience will differ, but I suggest the popular monuments, memorials and government buildings should be seen. If there is an opportunity to be shown around the city by a friend or family member, take it.

Teresa, being the awesome person she is, took me to the “hip” and fun places around the city. She also showed me the nightlife.  My days and nights were pretty full, but I’m not complaining.

We traveled to Adams Morgan, a diverse neighborhood in D.C., which has very unique housing and a bustling street of bars and restaurants. While there I visited some family members who lived in the heart of Adams Morgan. I was fortunate to get to see their amazing beginning of the 20th century home and get information on what to see.

We ate at a lovely Brazilian restaurant, experiencing flavors I have never encountered. Adams Morgan has food and shopping for everyone and should be visited by all if there is time.

I met some amazing people, saw incredible sights and encountered once in a lifetime moments in D.C. I will always remember the times I spent in this city. I will return one day, and I hope to experience more of the amazing city I only captured a glimpse of.

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