“If You Can Dodge a Wrench…”

byJessica Garza-Hutmacher

Horizon Reporter

Throw large rubber balls, duck through the air, and move vicariously throughout the space of the room jeopardized by others. Aim to nail the opponents to eject their validity in the game, while maintaining poise and evading the similar fate. Only a line separates one team from another.

You may have seen various flyers advertising Whatcom’s Student Life dodgeball tournament, you might have even signed up you and your buddies. You might have not-a-clue what is going on.

 Student Life is hosting a tournament for dodgeball enthusiasts and any other students interested. The event will take place in the Pavilion gym on this Thursday, Nov. 10, from 7:30 p.m. until 10 p.m., or until the final round has ended.

 Two signup sheets can be found in Student Life office, upstairs in Syre. One allows student to sign up their teams, with no more than 15 members. If a student is unable to make a team with a minimum with 10 players, then they may put their names down on the individual signup sheet. This will allow those who are interested in playing, but do not have a specific team, to participate.

Student representatives, Alexandra Gosta and Katrina Petty both say that this event is much easier to plan and coordinate than others. “We already have the balls,” they chimed together. 

 “Last year didn’t have a huge turn-out,” said Petty, “so we are doing it again this year to try and get more people” Gosta added. 

“We are putting on this event because several people have suggested a dodgeball game,” said event planner Amanda Kost. “In high school, this was the most popular game and most people love it,” she added, “it’s a great way to meet new people and just have a great time playing.”

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