Christians on Campus

by Ben Cripps

Horizon Reporter

 Christianity. One of the world’s largest religions, claimed by more than two billion people worldwide, can be found right here at Whatcom Community College.
           Campus Christian Fellowship club seeks to explore the person of Jesus Christ, his message and “what he invites us to,” said CCF advisor Theresa Studley. “Jesus really was open to everyone, and that’s what we’re about.”
            The goal of the campus ministry is to invite students, Christians and non-Christians alike, to see for themselves who Jesus was.
            Often times, Studley gets a deer-in-the-headlights look from students who have never encountered Christianity or religion. People have usually been hurt by a Christian individual that acted “holier than thou,” said Studley, but she advised students not to let bad examples of Jesus followers keep you from meeting Jesus.
            “We’re all hypocrites in some way, shape or form,” she said, adding that hypocrisy in humans is understandable. She said CCF serves to create a dialogue and discussion which doesn’t “shove anything down students’ throats,” but rather, invites students through thoughtful dialogue,
            Biblically speaking, Jesus was a man who hung out with tax collectors and prostitutes; societal outcasts were who he hung out with and ministered to, Studley said.
            Getting students involved can be tricky at a commuter college. “Most students come, go to class, and leave,” she said.

The group provides many opportunities for students to get involved. CORE is a “weekly spiritual discussion group” where students study books of the Bible or have more in-depth conversations.
            CORE consists of separate study groups for males and females, each meeting once a week, and helps provide an atmosphere where students can be comfortable to open up and have deep conversations, said Studley.
            “We really value having different perspectives,” said Studley. Sometimes COREs have students who aren’t Christians, helping add to the difference and understanding of varying perspectives, she added.
            Pizza Theology, an extended time of teaching and discussion, along with pizza, will be held Nov. 21. Attendees will have a few hours of discussion, eat pizza, and continue their talks. Pizza Theology’s topic is movies: how they influence and shape us.
            Students can recognize the ministry on campus by their monthly free pancakes, which are served hot-off-the-griddle outside the Syre Student Center.


The Whatcom CCF meets every Friday at 5 p.m. for “Whatcom Dinner,” a potluck style dinner held at 1210 N. High Street, otherwise known as “The Home.” They then head to Western Washington University’s campus for worship.
Campus Christian Fellowship meets with all three branches of the organization (Western Washington University CCF, Whatcom Community College CCF, Skagit Valley Community College CCF)  Fridays from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Additional information on Campus Christian Fellowship Club can be found at

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