Whatcom Celebrates Orca Day

Orca day at Whatcom Community College seemed to be a hit on Wednesday June 8.  Many classes were canceled in order for students to participate in the celebrations.  Here’s what some students had to say about Orca day, along with an assortment of pictures…

Roxy Mymrin: “I wish it was a little sunnier!”
Taylor DeHaven, 16: “This many people in this small an area all getting along this well — you’d not believe it any other day.” (As he is randomly hugged by people pretending to fly) “Besides, anything with free hot dogs is pretty much awesome.” 
Megan Suuton, 19: “It’s actually really entertaining.  I like how everyone’s outside and not hanging around doing nothing.”

One thought on “Whatcom Celebrates Orca Day

  1. This looks great! What a cool layout, and check out those awesome photos. Somebody on the Horizon must be a great photographer 😉

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