Tell us About Yourself Whatcom!

Horizon reporters asked random students across Whatcom Community College’s campus to tell us something interesting or unusual about themselves.  With the assurance of remaining completely anonymous in their self proclaimed interesting fact, students had the freedom to write anything they wanted about themselves or their life on a note card and then drop it into a box.  Here is what they had to say..

*I have 7 piercings, 3 of which are in inappropriate places.

*I am a Jesus follower.  He has given me hope, joy, freedom and the power to change that I haven’t found anywhere else.  He is my best friend.

*I love decorating cakes.  It takes a lot of work but it’s so worth it!

*My lamp was possessed by the devil.

*Something interesting about me is that I am gay.  It makes me who I am and it makes me stand out. 

*I live on a farm, and it is not unusual to come home and find a dead goat on the kitchen counter. 

*On Friday nights, I transform into a dwarf-sized polar bear man.  How cool is that?

*I have attended four colleges.

*Once I lost my shoe after a crazy New Year’s Eve party, and found myself locked out of my hotel room in the snow.  True story.

*I’ve been charged by a grizzly bear in 2004.

*I like like animals. 

*I love the sunshine!

*I’m on the Bellingham Slam dance team.

*I think that there is an elegance to the world and the universe at large within the deep and varied ways in which things are inter-connected; people, cultures, astrological phenomena, molecules…everything related through complex and sometimes subtle sympathies, as if all things are a part of the same fractal-at once an echo of something else, and its own thing entirely.

*I have played bass guitar for 12 years and currently play in 2 different bands here in Bellingham, playing over 100 shows. 

*I like whales a lot and I hope to, someday, join a pod.  Hopefully a pod of blue whales but, whoever accepts me, I will be happy with.  Did you know blue whales have hearts the size of small cars?  Who would not want to be their friend?

*I was unschooled.

*My first day in the airport in the USA, I shared a basket of biscuits with a woman.  I thought the basket was mine but at the end I found out that it was hers.  I was too embarrassed!

*I am an extreme couponer.

*I wore white socks and flip flops for 30 days and high heels with a pink butterfly with mid ankle sports socks.

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