New York Inspiration

by Khalics Bryant

Horizon Reporter

Art inspires. This is more than obvious when walking through Heiner Center en route to the library. After a trip to New York City to visit various museums and landmark’s, a group of Whatcom Museum members, inspired by what they saw, decided to put together the “New York Inspirations” art exhibition at Whatcom Community College.

April 29 marked the opening of the exhibits, which are on display in Heiner until June 17. Of the 26 museum members who took the trip, 16 have artwork in the exhibition including John Hansen.

Hansen’s bamboo sculpture, titled “Little Bambu,” leans over a banister overlooking the stairs in Heiner. Hanson said his inspiration was “Big Bambu” by Doug and Mike Stran, a piece that adorned the roof of the Metropolitan Museum in 2010.

“Most of the bamboo used in the sculpture I got from my own yard,” said Hansen. “It took 10 hours just to cut them down and take off the leaves.” He was quick to express his appreciation to Mehdi Makraz, a student at Whatcom, for helping with the sculpture.

The art in the exhibits range from oil paintings to photographs, and some artists have contributed more than one piece.New York Inpiration

In an artist statement, which accompanies the artists’ work, Margo Clemmens writes, “Our trip to New York opened my mind to what art is. I am now more appreciative of art I do not understand… I thank John Hansen for being steadfast to his vision of an art show for all of us who got inspired by our trip.”

Maybe it’s true what they say, “the city never sleeps,” but apparently, it causes some to dream. The exhibition will be up in Heiner Center until June 17.

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