Council Notes–June 7, 2011 Issue

Sodexo: Ray White and Judy Vaz talk

   During the council meeting on May 26th, Ray White, Vice President of Administration Services and Judy Vaz, Food Service manager answered questions about Whatcom Community College’s contract with food provider Sodexo. Contract allows us to run food service program here at Whatcom. “We are in control of inventory. Mission is to serve quality food at a relative price that is affordable for everyone, “said Vaz. Benefit student faculty and staff during school hours. Each Sodexo contract is unique and individual to each location in which they cater.“We want more food on the menu as well as it be affordable,” said White. A push for more organic, sustainable foods but these foods are more expensive. We use Sodexho because they were the only bidder since Whatcom isn’t a profitable venue for other companies. Wages and food costs are big one. “We have held our prices for the whole year,” said Vaz.  If the students are willing to pay more for a better, healthier, more organic food inventory, it will be provided. 

Proposal from writing center

This June, staff from the writing center here at Whatcom Community College want to attend the Chuckanut writing conference. The staff wants to attend the conference to better improve and learn more about the writing craft so they can better help the students. The writing center has seen an increase in number of students who are using the writing center. The goal is to bring back what they learn to help other students and staff so that the service offered in the writing center will continue to improve.

Pavilion Update: There will be a meeting June 10 at 8:30 a.m. regarding the proposed budget and approaching the students.  They plan on bringing the project to Whatcom students at the beginning of next Fall quarter in order to speak to students that are going to be here. 

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