Letter From the Editor

by Emily Huntington

Horizon Editor

Here we are, the day after what was supposed to be the beginning of the end of the world. Needless to say, we made it out alive! I don’t know about you, but I don’t believe in superstitions. Anyone who has read the Bible knows that it says that God will return, and we don’t know when that’ll happen. So whether you do or don’t believe in that is your choice, but I don’t believe someone can really put a date and time stamp on when the end of the world will come. I wonder how that man feels now.
             That being said, part of me was freaked out. Not that it was going to end and I wouldn’t have a chance to do all I wanted to do, but it just made me think: what if it did end tomorrow? I know I take a lot for granted…life’s too short for that. My life is so routine, I know what to expect pretty much every minute. Spontaneity really isn’t in my vocabulary, as much as I wish it was. I’m definitely a planner.

I guess what I’m saying is take this little scare as a lesson and let yourself live a little. Don’t get bogged down by bills and everyday responsibilities. Don’t get behind on those things, of course, but don’t let that be the last thing you think about.

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