Council Notes–May 5

Pavilion Expansion Presentation:

Council wants student input regarding Pavilion Expansion.  As many students as possible please attend the Board of Trustees Meeting on the Pavilion Project, May 11th, 2 p.m., LDC 143 Boardroom.

Mathematics Club:
The ASWCC approved a campus math club that allows students an alternative to the math center. The club hopes to have eight to twelve regular members and four officers and will hold events such as an arubix cube competition. General meetings will be used to bring up popular issues as well as any other subjects members of the club want to discuss in an open, welcoming forum. The club also is welcoming to all math levels.

2011-2012 Upcoming President:
Presidential candidate Isaac Shantz-Kreutzkamp will be next years President.  He has worked with all facets of the committee and thinks his experiences are invaluable in working with the student body. For his main plan, he wants to adjourn every meeting if he is president with a few moments to overlook the goals of the ASWCC.  Staying true to what their mission and always having the student body in mind in all decisions that are made is very important to him.

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