Anna David: Surviving and Thriving in an Addictive Society

On May 11th, Anna David spoke about her battle with addiction and her road to recovery. She emphasized in today’s society how difficult it is with social media and the glamorization of figures such as Charlie Sheen who she said, “knocked Libya off the front page of the news.”

                When speaking about her own battle with addiction, “getting wasted and male attention was what I was addicted to,” said David.   Her “alcoholic lifestyle” as she explained carried over into other areas of her life as she couldn’t maintain a decent job or a healthy lifestyle. “ I spent three years revising one sentence of a screen play,” said David when she was pursuing a screen writing career and when her drug use was at its worst.  “You’re gonna get me, I’m gonna get you first,” David says of her view on the world.

                Today, David explains that she is a little more than ten years sober. “Sobriety taught me who I was.” Getting through addiction is difficult, but be honest with yourself and, “If you have to lie about what you are doing, that’s probably a red flag,” said David. If you think you need help, David answer every single email she receives about addiction and her email address is or check out her website.

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  1. Great quotes! This great reporting, and very interesting. I love the part about the screenplay.

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