Starting a Student Club

by Khalics Bryant

Horizon Reporter

There are a number of reasons why a Whatcom Community College student decides to join a club or student organization.  Some are in search of students with similar hobbies or interests, some are interested in finding projects that will help their community, while others are just bored.  Whatever the reason, Whatcom offers a variety of clubs and associations students can join.  There are cultural clubs such as the French, German, and Spanish clubs, as well as other miscellaneous clubs, such as the Bike Club, Hip Hop Club, and Ultimate Frisbee Club.

Although there are a wide variety of clubs and associations to choose from here at Whatcom, students will occasionally have interests that are not addressed by a particular club.  When this occurs, one of the best remedies is to create a club of your own.  Student clubs provide a “superb opportunity for developing leadership and community at the college,” says Isaac Shantz-Kreutzkamp, chair of clubs and outreach.  “Our ASWCC clubs and outreach committee is looking at helping to facilitate and encourage student club growth, including the formation of new clubs.”

   There are a few things that are required to start a club at Whatcom.  To ensure there is a niche the club can fill, at least eight prospective members must sign a form requesting club recognition.  Each prospective club is also required to write out a plan of action or a club constitution.   These documents are used to organize the club’s purpose as well as dues, founding members, by-laws and other important club information. 

Each club is required to have a faculty advisor who is familiar with the nature and objectives of the club.  This advisor is required to attend 75 percent of all club meetings.  Clubs can request up to $100 in funds for the school year to pay for club activities.  A budget request form is required for all clubs even if no funds are requested. 

An application packet for club recognition is available at the Student Life office, located on the second floor of the Syre Student Center.  This packet contains all the instructions and information needed to start a club at Whatcom. Isaac Shantz-Kreutzkamp is available for questions on starting a new club or student organization on campus.  He can be reached by email at

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