Council Notes

Student Government fulfilling leadership goals:

President, Brad Widman, spoke to the student board regarding “rethinking our way of leadership.”  In order to be a successful leader one needs to want to better their leadership skills.  Each chair has set goals – are they reaching them?  There may be leadership workshops in the future to better our school government.


Whatcom Clubs being voiced within the Student Government:

There was lengthy discussion about the pros and cons of individuals who are involved in student government and a specific club representing their club.  It could be a conflict of interest in some cases but it is difficult to separate a student leader and a student club leader.  A policy may be presented in following weeks regarding what to do.


Granting Funds to Whatcom Clubs:

Some of Whatcom’s Clubs may have misused funds granted to them by student government.  There is potential in the future for a cap to be set on the amount of money given to clubs depending on the purpose of the funding request.  Detailed communication in what the clubs need the money for and pristine record keeping of the budget when money is granted is mandatory.  A presentation after clubs attend conferences, take trips, etc. may also become a necessary means of separating clubs who are granted the privilege of financial help with those who are not.  This item of interest will be followed up in later meetings.   


Pavilion Expansion Committee:

The next meeting regarding the Pavilion Expansion plan is on April 25, 2011 from 10am-2pm located in LDC boardroom.  The more students present at meetings, the more likely this plan will come to life.  If students have a class time barrier within this time, the Pavillion Expansion committee understands if they need to slip out.  The goal is to have as much student participation as possible. 

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