International Night: knives, bare bellies, and banjos

by Rachel Remington

Horizon Reporter

A combination of musical performances, foreign dance styles, and other exotic performances, International Night is an evening filled with unique cultural experiences from around the world.  The International Friendship Club and the International programs of Whatcom Community College hosted the event in the Syre Student Center on March 3, 2011. 

The event was put on by students and faculty, and all performances were on volunteer basis.  Many students, faculty, and other members of the community contributed traditional ethnic foods from many cultures, and cultural arts and crafts for guests to engage in making.  Some of the performances included square dancing, juggling, belly dancing, martial arts, Brazilian Samba, and a number of other acts.

            Ulli Schraml, International programs coordinator, was responsible for putting the night together, and had to recruit students and members of the community to contribute to the night.  “I’m the one who gets the ball rolling and then it becomes teamwork,” said Schraml.

            International night this year had a big turnout, and a variety of exceptional cultural performances from around the globe.  The colorful night will continue to be an annual tradition at Whatcom.

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