Frisbee to the Extreme

by Kelsey Rowslon

Horizon Reporter

The players start to show up at 1 p.m. in the freezing cold temperature.  Some dress in jeans, some don shorts for the occasion.  By 1:15 p.m., warm up is over and the game begins.  The plastic, disk shaped toy starts whizzing just past players ears as it flies through the air.  Yelling ensues “Pass here! Pass here!”   

But what does this have to do with Whatcom Community College?

The Ultimate Frisbee Club has been an active club at Whatcom since the late 90’s, but disintegrated after the club lost their field to the Kulshan building when it was built in 2004.  But in the last five years the club has gotten back on its feet and now plays on Orca Field. 

With around 60 members, the club is back in the full swing of things with meetings every Friday from 1 to 3 p.m. where members get a chance to play one of their favorite sports.  Club members can be seen playing year round, even in the snow.

“My favorite part about the club would have to be having a wide variety of people all join on a field and all play a game that they love,” said Holly Knutson, club president who has been part of the club since spring of 2010. “People should join the club because it’s a great way to exercise without noticing. Along with being fun, all different skill levels are welcome.” 

Jess Daniels, a club member, agrees.  “It’s fun, he said.  “It’s one of the sports that I can play.  I’m not a competitive person and this isn’t a competitive sport.”

But the Ultimate Frisbee Club isn’t the only Frisbee taking place at Whatcom.  Kimberly Reeves, the club’s advisor, also teaches a one-credit Ultimate Frisbee Technique PE class at Whatcom

“Most of the club players have had the class,” Reeves said.  The class is more organized than the club, she said. It offers more of a teaching component.  “The club is a little looser, she said.  “But typically the club’s players are a little more experienced.”

Top 4 Rules:

  1. To begin play both teams line up at each end of the field.  The defense then throws the disc towards to offense.
  2. Each time a player passes to another player who is in the defense’s end zone, the offense scores a point.
  3. The disk may be passed from player to player.  When a player has the disk, they can pivot, but cannot run with it.
  4. When a pass is incomplete, the defense then takes possession of the disc.

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