Council Notes

The Representative at Large Committee informed the council that in two months they will find out the budget for the college next year. The college is due for accreditation, and auditors will be coming to the college in mid-April to examine Whatcom Community College. The Campus Advocacy Committee is talking to students concerning the changes around campus, such as the Pavilion expansion, Civics week, and trying to get students involved in campus planning. The Budget and Finance Committee is working on allocation packets, and deliberating among the budget request packets from clubs and committees.

The council is still deliberating on the popcorn machine, the four-ounce machine is hoped to be replaced by a 14-ounce machine, totaling the cost of $1,165 with a butter dispenser. The Communication Club offered that the machine could not only be used for sporting events, but also for movie nights on campus hosted by other clubs. The IT Professionals of Tomorrow asked the Student Council for $1,826.56 to go a conference at SeaTac, the Regional Collegiate Cyberdefense competition for three days and food expenses. The Student Council will deliberate more next week. The Council is proposing upgrades for their Web site for new council members to research past meetings, motions, and the budget of clubs and committees. The site will be re-structured to allow students to find clubs and to voice concerns and comments. The Council does not have a set amount for the design of the new site.

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