Barry Scott Brings MLK’s Words to Life

On February 9, Barry Scott gave a talk at Whatcom Community College about that speech and how it has affected us today. Scott was introduced as many things, including an actor, director, producer, motivational speaker, and voice-over artist. As someone who grew up in time of the civil rights movement, Scott showed great insight into the everyday struggles of a black person in the 1960s. When he was a young boy, he saw King’s I Have a Dream speech and instantly became obsessed with Martin Luther King.

Perhaps the most impacting part of Scott’s speech was his rendition of parts of speeches done by King. He became a completely different person as his voice and mannerisms changed completely. From the speeches that most people have heard, Scott did a spot-on impression of Dr. King. Offering advice and questions to the audience along the way, Scott was an engaging and entertaining guest.

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