Council Notes–November 18

Finals Relief

A money motion providing $304.64 worth of funding for finals relief was discussed by the council. Finals relief, held at the end of each quarter, provides snacks for students who may or may not be freaking out about their finals and studying like they’re possessed.

The motion will be voted on Dec. 2.

Survival club seeks recognition

A motion seeking to recognize a new Disaster Preparedness/Survival club was tabled until Dec. 2.

Globe not trotting

Council member Nick Santini spoke about a constituent complaint regarding the illuminated globe in upper Syre near the Baker Reading Room. The globe is supposed to be illuminated to show the remaining amount of daylight over Bellingham, but Santini said there is sunlight over the area “24/7,” indicating that the globe is not functioning properly.

Student Piano update

Johnny Weaver addressed the council on behalf of Music Club president Logan Browning, asking what became of the idea to buy a piano that was to be used by Whatcom’s clubs and students. Chandler Batiste, executive vice president for the council, told Weaver that several problems kept the idea from becoming a reality, including a lack of space. She added that several pianos already exist on campus, but are owned by the college and thus cannot be open to general use. 

Things that go “security” in the night

Chandler Batiste told the council that she had spoken with Brian Keeley, Whatcom’s director of facilities, about a lack of lighting and security at the college at night. The idea of installing campus phones was dismissed as being too expensive, as their use at other colleges tends to be spotty. Bastiste said that emergency signs will be worked on instead.

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