Budget Talk

by Emily Huntington

Horizon Reporter      

In a recent budget meeting held in Syre, Ray White went over Whatcom’s future, and what it means for our campus community.

First, White said, they are not cutting the nursing program, or any program, for that matter, as it has been previously rumored. The college is continuing to accommodate increased enrollment, maybe adding earlier classes, using the high schools for classes later in the afternoon, or adding Saturday classes.

“Success is a big part of what we do,” Trish Onion said.

Students will be directly affected in several ways. Tuition will continue to go up by 7 percent every biennium, which is two years. Class sizes will be larger than normal as enrollment increases, so the amount of student-teacher one-on-one interaction will likely decrease. As always, parking will be an issue, as will long lines for student services.

White asks for patience from students and staff as they all try to work through the crisis.

“Our model is taking everybody and doing the best we can,” he said.

“You’re in the right place,” he assured students. White also asks anyone who has concerns to address them to the student representatives, or to him in person.

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