To India, with Love

by Emily Huntington

Horizon Editor

“There are so many things you just cannot learn in a book,” Veronica Lambert, 20, proclaims of her biggest lesson learned. This summer, she took money she saved up and went to India.

Lambert, a paralegal student who is also working on a transfer degree to continue her education, plans on doing many travels in her lifetime. Why did she choose India as a starting point? “Why not?” she said.

“It is also cheap so it was easy for me to study, work and save the money for the trip,” she added.

Lambert went on the trip not really knowing what to expect.  “I had an open mind ready for adventure,” she said. Bringing only five outfits and basic hygiene products, Lambert left for India about two days before spring quarter ended.  While in India she bought several outfits “that fit their culture better.”

She didn’t originally intend to go alone, but doesn’t regret that she did. After plans to go with a former boyfriend fell through, she didn’t give up. She bought her ticket and “I tried to find someone to go with me, but it is hard for people my age to say ‘Yes, let’s pack up and go to India.’”

“I believe that each type of traveling has its benefits,” Lambert said. “India is a difficult country for [solo] women travelers…it would have been nice to have a body guard, but it was nice to not have to worry about the other person…it was just me. If I wanted to leave, I left.”

One of the biggest surprises for Lambert during her trip was the extreme amount of poverty. “It was hard to see and it is everywhere,” she said.

Lambert didn’t really have a plan lined up for her trip. Knowing she’d be there until early September, she made a reservation for the first night she was there, but from then on just explored. “I remember when I first got there I wanted to go south, but in the end I never made it to any of the south.”

Over the course of her trip, Lambert was homesick for three main things: Chateau St. Michelle Wine, cheese and crackers, and steak. Now home, she admits that certain things about India don’t compare to home: “The constant flow of new faces, and the ability to get on a bus, not too sure of where it will lead you.”

Lambert plans to visit India again one day, as there is so much more for her to see.

As for more recent plans?

“I might do some hitchhiking this summer, but I am planning for a three-year trip when I am done with my bachelor’s degree, so I am going to save money until that time comes,” she exclaimed.

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