Adventures of a College Freshman

by Kyle Stewart and Kailey Weidkamp

Guest Writers

College is an amazing thing! It can be the best and the worst experience of your life! In one minute you can be at the top, and the next you can be at the bottom. Funny how life works out like that.

It’s hard to believe that another year has come and gone, and that the school year is about to start again. I mean really. Where did the summer go? (For those of you who took classes during summer quarter, my heart goes out to you. Truly it does.)

But for those of you, who were like me and didn’t have the joy that is going to school in the summer, I would like to say welcome back! As for you new students joining this family of school attendees, I would like to welcome you, the best way I know how, with some things I have learned this last year!

Before you stop reading and think this is another article about y=log4^5 or that doing your homework on time is important (which it is), wait and keep reading, because I’m not going to do that.

Instead I am going to tell you three things I learned at Whatcom that I think would benefit you as humans and fellow members of this school!  So here it is:

Three things I have learned in college:

1) When trying to save some money, the idea of getting your hair cut by your friend might seem like a very easy and great way to save you a buck or two, and it is.

My advice on the matter would be that you make sure that friend (or your mom in my case) knows how to cut hair. Because as much fun as it is to walk around with a patch of hair missing from your head hidden under a baseball cap, it’s not worth the pain.

Number one: Make sure your friend can cut your hair!

2) Orca Day! The name itself should bring enjoyment to all those who have been at Whatcom for this glorious day! I won’t ruin the surprise, but my advice and listen to my words: GO TO ORCA DAY! You won’t regret it!

Number two: Go to Orca Day!

3) If you ever have been rushed to get to class, you are more then likely to forget something in the process. And if you just happen to forget to tie your shoes, you might end up like me, and end up with your face on the floor and your binder tossed 10 feet in front of you.

Number three: No matter how old you are, make sure you still tie your shoes.

But on a more serious note, Whatcom has some of the best things that college life can offer. It is truly a blessing in disguise. And as a former freshman, I would hate if any single person missed out, for the simple fact of not knowing about them.

For starters, Whatcom has a diverse community of people.  We have students from other countries here, and a very diverse set of beliefs represented by the student body.  If I were going to say anything at all, it would be: MEET SOMEBODY NEW! 

My freshman year was so much better because I got to know people here at school.  It’s easy to just come to school, go to class, and go home, but the people here are really amazing. You might not know anyone in an extracurricular group, but don’t let that stop you from joining one. 

And don’t let fears of different opinions stop you, either.  Remember, diversity is good!  Next time you see a sign that says “meeting here at this time,” go for it! You won’t be disappointed.

Our school also offers chances to explore people’s cultures and spirituality.  I became a part of the Campus Christian Fellowship group here on campus, and I must say, what better way to get to know your fellow students then by going to something that means a lot to them.

Lastly, don’t waste your life. Live a little.  It’s easy to go to school and do your homework, but if you’re looking for something more, something that would bring you meaning, I encourage you to go out of your comfort zone and join a core group with CCF.

It changed my life; they are so wonderful that words can’t explain how terrific they are.

I hope you have a blast with this new school year!

Your friend,

Kyle Stewart

Hello, and welcome to Whatcom!

My first year at WCC was a great experience. My classes were interesting, the work was manageable, and I learned at lot of new things. One thing I needed to learn was to stay organized.

I was a Running Start student who had to go from my high school in the morning, over to an elementary school where I was a teacher’s aide, then over to Whatcom to finish my school day there, and then I headed to work.

I learned that if I wanted to keep my grades up and be able to have a social life, I needed to structure my time and meet new people at the college.

I also had to learn to be more open and out there, which came a lot harder for me. I was quiet during class, but in coming to Whatcom I had to learn to speak up to become friends with new people.

As the school year went on, I made friends with people of different ages, as well as people who came from different parts of Washington and students from other countries. It was good for me to become more outgoing as well as more organized.

I was also part of a club, Campus Christian Fellowship, which helped a lot with meeting new people and improving my organizational skills. It helped me be more outgoing, as it gave me people to talk to about how I was going to schedule things.

I remember meeting with one of my core leaders, and she gave me a chart that had the days of the week to help structure my time. Being more organized reduced the stress of my busy days.

Also, I got to know not only the girls from my core, but also the people they knew from CCF. This led me to meet and interact with more college students.

Overall, last year was a good year for me. I had tons of fun meeting new people and became more confident in my social life, as well as becoming more organized.  I hope you have a similar experience.


Kailey Weidkamp

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