Whatcom’s exceptional students are honored

by Alexandria Foldenauer 

Horizon Reporter

A number of exceptional students at Whatcom Community College received scholarships as well as recognition during the 15th annual Honors and Awards ceremony June 11 in the Heiner Auditorium.  Awards ranged from Academic Discipline, which honored students in each area of study from mathematics to geology, to several service awards.

“I am always so proud to say that I represent Whatcom Community College,” said Dr. Kathi Hiyane-Brown, president of the college, who welcomed those in attendence to the ceremony. Throughout the ceremony, scholarships were granted to 15 students, each presented with a different story and purpose.

Outstanding service awards were presented to Gabrielle Holmquist, Chandler Batiste, and Kristina Blake, along with a synopsis of their good works around the community as well as campus.

Each student was ensured a personable introduction and recognition of individual accomplishments when they walked across the stage. This aspect made the event a shining moment for each and every student, along with the family and friends watching them in the audience. Students came from different backgrounds and some even overcame hardships to get to where they are now, which made the awards all the more honorable to receive. A small numberof students were international, and came from places like Zimbabwe and South Africa, and have since made impressive educational accomplishments.

The ceremony lasted over two hours, and ended with some light refreshments. 

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