Letter from the editor

By Emily Huntington

Horizon Editor

Some people believe that there is no such thing as love at first sight. Normally, I would agree. In fact, before this time last year, I did. Then, I met Bandit, and from that moment my world changed.

Bandit is not a person. He is, however, one of the great loves of my life. He is my cat. I’ve had other cats, dogs, rabbits, and all kinds of animals in my lifetime, but Bandit is special. I can’t tell you why, but since I’ve had him in my life I’ve been incredibly happy. From the moment we met I knew that he would hold a significant place in my heart, unlike anything any other animal (or person, for that matter) could do.

A couple days ago I found him across the road from our apartment, unable to walk. He got hit by a car. I cannot describe the feeling one experiences when seeing something they care so deeply for in a situation like that. There just aren’t adequate words…but knowing that they are helpless is just so heartbreaking.

Upon taking him to the vet, we found out he has nerve damage and pelvic/spinal damage. With cats, the chances of a full recovery aren’t good. However, my hopes are high that Bandit will prevail. To be honest, optimism isn’t my forte, but I have a lot of positive energy with this one.

I feel like this letter is supposed to be full of profound wisdom and words of encouragement. I’m sorry if that’s what you were expecting. I guess it’s not my quarter for those things. Maybe next time, after finals are over, when summer begins and all is good in the world…

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