Council notes


 Batiste as Vice President

The council voted unanimously to re-elect Chandler Batiste as AS vice president.

Only a majority of votes is needed for election.

 Club Reports

The Skeptics Club proposal for recognition passed. They will hold meetings in Syre 104 on Wed. 4-5 p.m.

 Next Years Budget passed

The student council voted on and passed next years Budget led by Chairman Lea Thompson, after a month of discussions over details. The Budget will now fall into the hands of the administration that will pass it, unless they have significant concerns in which case it will go back to the council for redesign.

 Upcoming Events

Young Americans for Liberty is having their first organized event on June 7 at 3:00 pm in the Syre Auditorium. There will be a presentation on the documentary “Freedom to Facism”,  local activist speakers, and food.

 Orca Day is June 9 at 11 am.

 May 26 Holocaust survivor Noemi Ban will be speaking at Whatcom in the Heiner Auditorium at 11 am.

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