A comedic cocktail

By Jessica Etemadi

Horizon Reporter

Eight college students attend a ‘Bring Your Own Aphrodisiac’ party, and, expectedly, hilarity ensues.  There are fights, laughs, and of course, hookups, and it can all be seen in local Sean Walbeck’s thesis play, Sin-n-Tonic.  

The play is an entertaining look at “their relentless quest for love, sex, and a good time,” said Drama instructor Gerry Large, in an e-mail.

“My favorite thing about acting is, there are always characteristics about the role you’re playing that you can relate to, and then there are some that you cannot,” said Erin Bersch, the actress who plays the touching role of Sue, a conservatively brought-up woman who hides behind her makeup.  Bersch, a student at Whatcom, joined the drama crew to make new friends as she had recently moved to Bellingham. 

“Meeting and working with the crew was in itself amazing,” said Bersch.   

However, not everything ran so smoothly.  About a month in, the original actress for Nikki, the scheming host of the party, had to drop the play and alternatives were  found. 

“I was walking to my car when I was ambushed by my dear friend Todd who asked if I could take on the role part time,” said Cori Olmsted, one of the two Nikki replacements (Danielle Comchoc being the other). 

Olmsted acted the role perfectly, becoming a self-decribed “charismatic asshole.” 

“This production was put on much more swiftly than any I had been involved with before,” said Brad McArtor, who plays the role of Joey, a shy geek frightened of women.  McArtor, who has been acting in plays since the seventh grade, was both entertaining and sensitive in his role. 

“Joey’s lovable brand of incapability has definitely seeped into my everyday life,” said McArtor. 

In addition to Walbeck’s hilarious playwriting, the cast also had the privilege of working with director Shawn Fuller, who also happens to be Walbeck’s wife.  Her skills really shine through the organization and flow of the play.

Sin-n-Tonic plays May 12, 13, 15, and May 20-22, with shows at 7:30 p.m., in the Black Box Theatre, located in the Syre Student Center.  There is an additional 2 p.m. show on May 15 that will be ASL interpreted. 

Tickets are $10 or $5 for students, and can be purchased by calling 360-383-3532.

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