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If you could have any musician or group (dead or alive) play a concert in your backyard, who would it be and why?







“Marilyn Manson. Cause I’m probably obsessed with him. I’ve got the sweatshirt and the tattoo. I was just talking about him actually.”

-Rachel Mattson, 18









“Apocolyptica. Because their instruments are amazing and I really like the band.”

-Meghan Klein, 17







“Three Days Grace. They’re awesome. They manage to be original.”

-Jamie Top, 18

“I would say the Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac. Those two individuals had a big impact on our culture.”

-Payden Harvey, 23







“Lil Wayne, because he’s the artist of our generation. But he’s locked up right now so that’s not going to happen.”

Sebastian Petty, 20







“The Kinks, because they’re British and sing about just quaint, nice things.”

-Danica Helgath, 17






“I’d probably have Coldplay, they’re really fun in concert and they sound how they do on their CD.”

-Firra Patton, 20

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