Q & A:

Interview by Lexi Foldenaur and Kelly Sullivan

Horizon: You have shared stages with big names like A Tribe Called Quest and Nas. How do you prepare for a big show like that? Has it ever been intimidating?

Geo: Yes. It’s intimidating to share the stage with musicians I’m a fan of. You can’t really prepare for it. We usually just do what we do. It helps to pretend we’re playing for a big crowd even at the smaller shows. So when a big one actually happens in real life, it ain’t no thing.

H: Who have been your main musical influences throughout your lives?
G: All types of hip-hop music, most specifically in the mid-90s, but from any era. The two you mentioned earlier (ATCQ & Nas) are big influences. Mixed with movie soundtrack music, classical, Philippine music.
H: If you could see some changes made to the current hip hop industry, what would they be?
G: Hip-hop will be fine. What needs to get fixed is the “industry,” and by that we mean the whole damn economy. And it’s already happening. I guess what I’d change is the speed at which it’s happening.
H: What advice would you give to students with dreams of a career in the music industry?
G: Get a job, and don’t quit it until you’re making twice as much off of your music than from your paycheck.
H: The Syre Center is a pretty small venue; do you prefer performing in front of larger or smaller crowds?  
G: I like both, some of my favorite shows were with smaller crowds.
H: If you could share the stage with any musician/group in the near future, who would it be?
G: Beyonce.
 H: How long does it usually take for you guys to create a song? What is the process like?
G: Anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 months. Some material we’ll try out, forget about it, and dig it back up and finish it. These days, though, we do a lot through the Internet, then reviewing our reference tracks when we go on tour. We both have equipment at our homes and send rough drafts ‘til they’re ready to record.

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