Letter from the Editor

By Emily Huntington

Horizon Editor    

     Wow, I can’t believe it’s already spring quarter. This time last year, I was on a completely different path in my life. I thought I wanted to go to Bellingham Technical College and obtain a veterinary assistant certificate. It’s funny how things change. I decided to stay at Whatcom and do paralegal studies. Journalism is such a rewarding experience; I couldn’t not be on the staff, so I applied for editor. I am very pleased and anxious for what is to come.

     Just before spring break, a few students from the Visual Asian Culture Cub on campus asked the student council for $2,000 so that they could attend Sakura-Con, an anime convention in Seattle. This in no way benefited the college or any other students besides the ones who asked for it, so when it was reported back to our class, deep down I was hoping that it would not be approved. To my journalism class, I jokingly suggested that we ask student council for a sum of money so we can go to Leavenworth, or so we can buy a coffee machine, or something – just because it’s the same principal.

     However, upon return from spring break, we found out that $500 was approved for this group of students. I was astonished. Sometimes I wonder if the members of student council approve things just because they don’t want to not approve it. Three members of the council abstained from voting. That means that instead of voting yes or no, they simply didn’t vote.

     This news came at about the same time as the news that the Child Development Center is closing. Yes, they are different budgets, but at least the Child Development Center is beneficial to a great majority of students on campus. I would much rather have my student fees go to that than to a few students who want to dress up as their favorite anime character and trek down to Seattle for a few days.

     I just can’t stop thinking about the representation (or lack thereof) of our college student body. I feel like they’re afraid to say no… but maybe I’m way off…

5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor

  1. Wow, that’s pretty ridiculous. I know that clubs on campus are given a budget each quarter…so why did this club need to ask for money to make their trip?

  2. ” but at least the Child Development Center is beneficial to a great majority of students on campus.” Currently at WCC, the headcount, according to the website, is around 7,200. The CDC can support the children of 27 students, and provides a job for about 20 other students. In other words, that is .6% of the student body that the CDC serves. Granted, there is a waiting list of more students it could serve, but it is at capacity. Also, the CDC has been operating in the red for several years, this last year losing over $100,000. I understand how early child education is important and how this is great getting moms back to school, but in this time of forced budget cuts (this year’s exceeding 2 million), WCC simply can’t afford to provide what amounts to more than a 100% tuition scholarship to these children every quarter.

    Also, when I went to examine the budget at the Student Life desk, I noticed that there was still $13,500 slotted for the CDC. upon asking why I was informed that the student goverment is going to give vouchers to the current users of the CDC to help get them started with new childcare. This money is coming from the ASWCC, who in fact weren’t the ones who decided to cut the CDC. Maybe the facts should be looked at more in depth before blindly following the opinions of an uninformed editor.

  3. So this is the first comment I’ve posted on this website. The editor can write her opinions without any sort of limitation but my comments are “under moderation?” Isn’t that a bit of censorship?
    Just a thought.

  4. Wow. So I come back to check to see if my original comment “passed moderation”. Turns out it didn’t. I’m slightly shocked…do we not want discussion??

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