Letter to the Editor: CDC Closure



Letter to the Horizon Editor:

Whatcom Community College’s decision to close its Child Development Center will have a profound and devastating impact on the college and our community and rob the state of one of its finest early childhood learning centers. We understand the difficult budget issues the college and our state are facing. However, some programs need to be protected because they provide core services to the college and community, in this case, to students with the least amount of resources for returning to school, staying in school, and achieving their goals. The college’s announcement was without significant input from faculty, staff, or the community, and without enough meaningful attempt at a solution. I am a faculty member at WCC, a CDC parent, and an experienced early childhood and family literacy educator, and I know there is additional information, possibilities and even support for WCC that could have led to a decision and strategy different than closing the entire program.

Amanda Henkel

One thought on “Letter to the Editor: CDC Closure

  1. Well said Amanada! It’s people that really care about important issues such as Early Childhood Education that make a positive difference in this world. The casual indifference of the WCC administration has to end. Providing education to young children, supporting struggling students that need childcare and empowering professors to perform at their highest level is a noble pursuit and cannot be swept under the rug of “budget cuts.” People should rally behind this cause and sustain an amazing place where young learners flourish….. LONG LIVE THE CDC!!!!!


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