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What’s a bad habit you wish you could break?

Nick Twietmeyer, 29

“I wish I could stop my habitual gluing of little wire figures to various items in my house.”

Alexa Nigretto, 20

“I can’t say ‘no’ to anything. There’s times in my schedule when I need to turn stuff away.”

Jackson Daugherty, 19

“Probably not starting assignments early enough…because it does mean there’s a lot more stress when stuff is due.”

Tempeste Langille, 18

“I would like to get more sleep, so I could probably do a lot more things with a lot more energy.”

Tim Deschane, 17

“I video game too much. I’d have more spare time on my hands.”

Jake Kennedy, 19

“Staying up late. If I could break the habit, I’d probably do a lot better.”

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