Council Notes

SAL Lab move a go

The move of the SAL computer lab from Cascade Hall to Heiner Center is getting closer to fruition. Wiring of the new location in Heiner has begun, with the move scheduled for three to four weeks after spring quarter ends. Twenty new laptops will be purchased for the lab at a cost of $27,000, and an effort to get several small TV sets and a color copier for the new lab is in the works. The council is still in the process of suggesting features for the new laptops, based on student feedback.

Council to vote on funds for Japanese Visual Culture Club

The Japanese visual culture club is requesting $1700 for the Sakura con conference April 2 through April 4. If granted by the council the funds will cover the expenses of transportation, food, lodging and the cost of the convention tickets per person. The club wants to send nine of its members to the conference. The funds will come from the section of the budget for conferences, which has $4500.

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