Student Rally for Budget Cuts
A proposal has been made to all students who wish to petition against Governor Chris Gregoire’s budget cut proposal to end programs like Work Study by marching through Olympia on Feb. 15 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students interested should contact student body president Danielle Way for more information and possible transportation to Olympia.

A meeting was held last Friday to discuss details about transportation to and from the event.

New Service Learning Club

The Service Learning club has been authorized at Whatcom. Students in the newly-approved club will participate in monthly on-the-job training at various work sources of their choice. Focus will be on the reflection of this training and the impact of the job in the community. To learn more, contact Leah Congdon at

Help for Haiti?

A council member discussed potential ways that WCC could contribute to helping victims of the Jan. 12 earthquake that devastated Haiti. Ideas included collecting goods (water, diapers, formula, and medical supplies like rubbing alcohol), as well as starting a “dollar drive” that would give proceeds to the Red Cross, an idea other community colleges have already embraced.

PTA Online Club

An organization leader from the Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) program at Whatcom attended the Jan. 21 council meeting wanting to make resources for online students into a full-fledged campus club. The club would give students study tips. The PTA program encouraged the student council to support online resources. The matter will be voted on at the Jan. 28 council meeting.