New Arts Club Proposed

Derek VanderGriend showed up at this week’s council meeting to propose the new club, Whatcom Art Awareness Community, with an art teacher as an advisor. They meet Wednesdays from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. to discuss upcoming show events, as well as show and critique each other’s art. There are currently 15 members. Funding would come from selling student pieces, or having donation jars at local art shows. Any other funding would come from the committee board.

New Sports Chairs

Chris Scrimsher proposed getting 30 new chairs especially designed for WCC, to be used mainly for sports events. Designs may still be suggested, but he did bring an example design in a dark blue with the WCC Orca logo on the back. “Many colleges have these chairs,” Scrimsher said, “and Whatcom is a step behind in bringing them on the field for a more professional look.”

Table Tennis Club

A new table tennis club was proposed. A group of 20 students already play and attend meetings on Friday’s from 2 to 4 p.m. Anyone can join, and tournaments will be held. The $2 entry fees for tournaments  will be used to purchase equipment such as balls and paddles.

Graffiti Still a Recurring Problem

Carl Adams, of Whatcom’s facilities, came to the council meeting with a request.  “Please tell your peers to not write on the walls and help spread the word,” he said.  Adams said newly painted stalls are already being marked up again by graffiti, and would like this all to stop because of the high number of resources it is taking to paint over the graffiti.

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