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Whatcom provides scholarship opportunities

Whatcom Community College students have access to many scholarship opportunities through both the Whatcom Community College Foundation and resources off campus. In the last school year 385 Whatcom students applied for scholarships and that number is growing each year with a 65 percent increase since the previous year.

The WCCF scholarship application is an application for all op
portunities awarded by the foundation. A student submits one application and is then entered into all the opportunities they qualify for.

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Financial aid assistance at many levels

By Elisa Espinoza

One of the main concerns when it comes to college is money. Paying for tuition, rent, books and food are only some of the things students have to worry about, therefore financial aid and scholarships become crucial for many.
Obtaining support from college advisers, staff, and programs can help make a difference in student’s academic experiences at Whatcom. Continue reading
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