Whatcom Voices: What mythical animal would you kill and how?

John Laigaie





John Laigaie – 20

“Why would you kill a mythical creature? They’re already so rare.”


Dru Lopez-Miller






John Dru Lopez-Miller – 21

“Medusa, I’d sweet talk her.”


Manis Pierre






Manis Pierre – 28

“A chimera, I’d riddle it to death.”


Mattie Nicks






Mattie Nicks – 26

“I’d kill a centaur, with a bazooka.”


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One thought on “Whatcom Voices: What mythical animal would you kill and how?”

  1. Many mythical creatures are described to frighten or warn against danger. Conquering a mythical being and having mercy would be preferable to killing it. Having their mystical/magical powers used to benefit mankind would be a fitting punishment for any harm done in their history. Although I could probably kill the “flying monkeys” in the Wizard of Oz if they tried to carry me away to see the Wicked Witch…

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