Sustainability Club Hosts Clothing Drive at WCC

The foyer at Syre Center saw use last Wednesday for a clothing drive, as a way for the Sustainability Club to not only give back to the community, but also Whatcom Community College’s student body. 

Donated clothing folded on a long table.
Donated clothes wait to be picked out as students file in through the doors. Photo by Nathan Welch

Two long sets of tables piled with clothing and shoes were stationed at either end of the foyer, where students were encouraged to browse and pick out a number of items for free. The Sustainability Club students donated clothing for other students in this exchange.

This was to make sure that the clothing was immediately given back to the community, rather than donated to a for-profit agency that may not align with the Sustainability Club’s ultimate goals and values.

According to the Sustainability Club’s president Anthony Stock, “Our purpose is to promote sustainability within the community, and give people a place to come up with ideas to make the campus a more sustainable place.”

Stock also added that that the sustainability club will likely be hosting another event like this next quarter. 

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