Puppies vs Kittens: Which is the Ultimate Pet?

Choosing a pet can be tricky, especially when faced with the challenge of picking between a puppy or a kitten as a new addition to the family. Ultimately, when it comes to picking many factors help us make a decision, primarily our personal preference and lifestyle.

Cat and Dog drinking from bowls
Photo courtesy of Whatcom Humane Society


Puppies need social connection, security, and social enrichment.

Although all pets require a big time investment and should be adopted with that knowledge, puppies require a higher time commitment from their owners than many cats do. Potty training, for example, requires a lot of work, effort, and patience on an owner’s end. Dogs also require obedience training, grooming, frequent exercise, and lots of attention.

Reddish-brown and white dog
Photo by David Loudon

Puppies are known to be athletic, with the level of energy varying by breed. This makes them a good match for owners who are athletic and active since puppies are able to be great hiking or jogging companions.

Another responsibility to keep in mind is that puppies generally need a daily walk. If you are looking for a reason to go out on more walks a puppy can be your reason.

Puppies are not nocturnal animals, they mostly sleep around the same time their owners do. Puppies are most active during the day, so owners do not need to be worried about being woken up in the middle of the night unless their dog senses something out of the ordinary.

Puppies are more outwardly social beings, they enjoy connecting with humans and generally stick with their humans through thick and thin. For those looking for a loyal sidekick, a puppy is a good match. For those who might find that level of dependence annoying, a kitten might be better. However, both cats and dogs are social creatures who need their owner’s attention. Anyone wanting a pet must be prepared to meet their social needs. 


The most important reason to get a cat as a pet is because they say “MEOW”. Just kidding!

Although they may get a reputation for being reserved, cats are emotional creatures. They are good observers who know when you are sick or sad and can give emotional comfort.

Before trying to play with or pet a cat let them first sniff your hand. Watch their eyes. When their eyes are dilated, they are nervous. Give a slow blink to them and if they give it back to you it means they are calm and may be comfortable with a pet.

Surprised gray-and-white cat
Photo by David Loudon

Cats will sleep a lot, but they also love to play. The trick to playing with cats is to use a toy, they will scratch your hand if you use it!

Not only do cats scratch to play, but they also scratch for various other reasons. According to The Humane Society, they have scent glands on their paws so they may be scratching to mark an area. It can also help them release old and dead parts of their nails, stretch their muscles or just keep them active throughout the day. Having a cat means being okay with them scratching and providing them with things they can scratch that aren’t your furniture.

Unlike dogs, potty training is generally easy for cats. Using a litterbox is instinctual for most cats, and cats require little to no other training.

If you cannot decide between puppies or kittens, know that it’s a personal decision that comes down to many factors including your lifestyle, personality and environment.

If you want to take your pet to go out for a walk, sit next to you in your car,  or do energetic activities, puppies might be the right choice for you. If you still want to play but not run around the backyard or maybe have something to pet while watching a movie, kittens might be the perfect match for you.

Brown-and-white guinea pig
Photo by David Loudon

It’s important to note that adopting a pet is not a one-time commitment, it’s a continuous commitment that you should prepare for. Adopting a pet means taking responsibility for the life of a living thing so ensuring you’ve done your research to make sure you are able to care for the animal is important.

Are you wanting a pet? Adoption is usually cheaper than buying and more ethical. Take a peek at Whatcom Humane Society. They have the cutest animals in the world waiting to be a part of your family!

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  1. All the animal pictures are amazing. I stand with all the brave puppies and kittens that exist within our oppressive system of capitalism?

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