Club Focus: Serving Growing Student Interest

A new club hopes to serve students an opportunity to play a beloved sport.

The group first started off with casual meetups in the student recreation center with a capacity of 10 students. These started informally back in December 2021, during the end of the fall quarter, and began to grow gradually.

Alan Ngeow, Badminton Club president, decided to create the group when he realized that for many of the international students these sessions were a smashing success and they felt right at home.

“I wanted to create a space where people in this campus can share the love for badminton,” Ngeow said.

For the club to form, Alan was required to have more active members participating. It took only two weeks for the club members to promote the weekly matches and spread the word to get active participation. The sessions grew as big as 20 participants, and the journey to becoming a club started.

The Associated Students of Whatcom Community College Badminton Club attended their first club event on April 19, held on campus at the Syre Auditorium, as a Club Fair event. The club gathered 40 signatures of students who were interested.

The badminton session has a capacity of up to 40 students, which then exposed the issue of not having enough sporting equipment. The club’s treasurer worked diligently to request additional funding to cater to the current participation rate and was successful.

After receiving funding, the club announced its next agenda: the Intramural Badminton League, to be hosted in the Student Recreation Center where their badminton sessions are usually held. The competition days are on Monday and Friday for three weeks starting May 16 and ending June 3.

With the announcement out, they hope to have many students sign up for the competition and have promised participation medals and prizes for the winners. The ASWCC Badminton Club is looking forward to the upcoming competition. For further information regarding the competition contact Badminton Club President Alan Ngeow at

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