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Orca sports have historical roots at WCC

by Justin Busby

Before 1995, athletes attending Whatcom Community College either had to play for other colleges or not play at all. That changed when basketball became the first sport to represent Whatcom in the Northwest Athletic Conference.
In anticipation of adding sports to the curriculum, a $3.3 million pavilion gym was built in the center of campus. Then-president Harold Heiner was eager to fill it with a sports program and both a men’s team and a women’s team was formed for the 1996-97 academic year.

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New marine biology class makes a splash

By Craig Gabrielson

Marine biology is making its debut this spring quarter at Whatcom. Biology 159 studies basic biological principles applied to the marine environment, according to the course description on Whatcom’s website.
In the past, Whatcom offered Biology 130, a three-credit course titled, Intertidal Marine Ecology.

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‘Whatcom Listens’ to all student voices

By Naira Gonzales Aranda

With mixed emotions running high on the week of inaguration, students gathered informally to express their concerns. Whatcom Community College’s office of students organized a meeting earlier this month called “Whatcom Listens” which both students, and staff. Everyone there got a chance to express what was important to them.

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