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Men’s soccer wins North Conference Title

By Kaila Cove

The Whatcom men’s soccer team has won the North Conference title, a competition between regional community college soccer teams.

The team has defended this championship title for the second year in a row.

Bakary Dibba, a forward on the Whatcom men’s soccer team, is satisfied with the way his team played, “We played extremely well, and that’s why we got the win at the end.”

Whatcom soccerLucas Leiberman, number six, keeps control of the ball at Orca Feild during a match

Dibba believes the team could win the conference next year because, “the team will be really strong and the chemistry is already there as well.” He hopes to play for Whatcom again next season.

Dibba gives credit to the team’s head coach, Jason Jorgensen, for the success in the game, “The coach contributes in everything as he’s the one who makes us wake up at 5 a.m. to practice all that is to get us better and prepared for our opponents.”

During the conference, Whatcom had won 11 games, tied one, and lost three. The team this season has scored 52 goals.

Jorgensen said, “It occurred with the boys having focus, determination, and knowing what was on the line. They played some of the best soccer in all the NWAC and that day displayed why they are one of the best teams in the country.” Jorgensen says that Whatcom men’s soccer is ranked 12th out of all the community colleges in the nation.

Jorgensen hopes that the team is able to reclaim the North Conference title again next year. He says it will “depend on what the players do in the off season and the new group of players coming in for 2019.”

During this game, Whatcom had the help of a guest, 9-year-old Tyson Barksdale. “He gave the pregame and halftime speech that helped propel the team to the win. Barksdale was given this experience as part of Whatcom’s participation in the 2018 Rotary Auction where he was gifted “Coach a Day” for Whatcom men’s soccer team. He kept it simple and said, ‘go out there have fun and do what you do best.’ At half time he said ‘you guys are doing great… keep it up,’” said Jorgenson.

Whatcom beat Shoreline in the title, winning game with a score of 8-0.


Midfielder Bekele Dowtry dribbles the ball down the field while facing an opponent

A midfielder for Shoreline, Babucarr Cham, said, “My team played really bad.” He said that most of the team’s key players were injured.

“Unfortunately Shoreline had not won a game all season up to that point and were playing their last 2018 game,” Jorgensen said.

“My opponents are really good, and they had a complete squad,” Cham said. He felt the title winning game was very intense.

Jorgensen said, “We just try to install our knowledge and give back the lessons we learned in our years. The rest is up to the team come game day.”

“They push themselves daily to be the best, and this in itself helped each player in the program contribute not only to the conference winning game but the entire season,” Jorgensen said. He explained that each player on the Whatcom men’s soccer team has helped contribute to the success of this season by bringing a unique dynamic that makes this team whole.

In the end on Nov. 11, Whatcom ending up losing in the NWCA championship game with a score of 0-2.

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Men’s soccer committed to success

Story and photos by Henry Slater

This year’s men’s soccer team is quickly making its mark as they head into the remaining two-thirds of the fall season. They are currently 5-3-0, and have five games left to play.


“I think it will go well,” said coach Joel Grossman (of the remainder of the season). “We are a young team, but we have good talent and good leadership, and for these reasons I think we will continue to improve and get better results as the season progresses.”

Starting defender, Alex Marinelli echoed the coach’s assessment. “I think we’re going to do very well,” he said. “We’ve been getting better every game and I think we have the chance to do some damage.”

There is a clear reason for their success, and that is the amount of work that they put in off the field during daily practices.

“There’s a lot of running,” said Marinelli. “It’s definitely high intensity the whole time.”

Grossman described the practices as demanding. “We spend two hours, usually four days a week, preparing for our two matches each week,” he said. “This takes a toll on the players, and they need to be mentally strong to stay focused throughout demanding practices and long weeks.”

At a Monday practice, the team’s work ethic was evident. The team was in the midst of a type of three-on-three drill that required a significant amount of passing and frequent back and forth running.

While most of the team worked on this drill, a couple of players went aside to work with the team’s goalkeeper, training him on making saves that, in a game setting, could be vital to the team’s success.

Immediately after completing the three-on-three drill, and working with the keeper, the team took only a minute for a water break, and continued straight into a full field scrimmage.

The team also does a significant amount of training in the off-season.

“Our coach gave us an off-season workout packet that we needed to complete before the season started,” said Marinelli. “It was an eight-week program.”

Grossman added, “During the spring we do small group trainings a couple times a week, and additional strength training.”

The 2012 Orcas are successful not only due to their indomitable work ethic, but also because they are a diverse group. “We try to recruit locally as much as possible,” said Grossman, “but this year we have a handful of players from out of county ranging from the Seattle area, to southern Washington, California, and Alaska.”

This year’s team has clearly been making the effort to be successful this season, and their efforts have paid off.  Students can show their support on Wednesdays and Saturdays when the team typically plays. “We have an offensively talented team and are exciting for spectators,” said Grossman. “So I encourage fellow WCC students to come see us play and show their support!”

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